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GSOC Proposal for Mailman 3

Developing Archives for Mailman 3


The objective of this project is to implement mailman archives with advanced search capabilities andimproveduser interface(UI) to display archived messages. We would like to cover the use cases developed for the Systers archive project last year. Then, we can cover other important use cases as well.


Both archives UI and search were implemented separately for the Systers archive project last year. They were tested with mbox files as input. So, we can use Syster’s archiver code to achieve our goal.

In order to implement these features in Mailman 3, we have two options:

      1. Build a replacement for pipermail: For Mailman 3, we can develop a new archiver with support of these functionalities.
      2. Modify pipermail: We can implement both UI and search functionalities in pipermail and produce a standalone pipermail++. Then, we need to integrate this modified pipermail with Mailman.

I have decided to go ahead with adapting pipermail keeping these reasons in mind:

1. Adapted pipermail will be more usable as a single product.

2. Other functionalities e.g. ‘stable urls’ are also being added to pipermail. So, all improvements on pipermail can be integrated.

The goal is to have working archives for Mailman 3 with the following features:

  • Searchable archives
  • Improved UI to view archives

Project Schedule

  1. [Before Coding Starts + 1 week]:
  • Set up dev environment
  • Go through the source code of archiver UI and search
  • Finalize the approach
  • Also, explore possibilities of a standalone pipermail++
  1. [3-4 weeks]: Archive UI
  • Integrate archives UI
  • Handle conversations in Mailman
  • Testing it and discussing it with the community
  1. [3-4 weeks]: Archives Search
  • Integrate search into archives
  • Testing it and discussing it with the community
  1. [1 week]: Integrating with other projects on mailman archives
  2. [2 weeks]: Bugfixing and Documentation


I am a fourth year dual degree(Bachelors + Masters) student of Department of Computer Science, IIT Delhi, India.

I believe I am a good candidate to work in the proposed project because I am well experienced in python language. I also have some experience with Django. Last summers, I did my internship with IBM Extreme Blue.


1. Mailman Archives UI (http://systers.org/systers-dev/doku.php/mailman_archives_ui_-_yian_shang)
2. Project Description (http://wiki.list.org/display/DEV/Google+Summer+of+Code+2011)
3. Mailman Search (http://systers.org/systers-dev/doku.php/mailocate-_implementing_archive_search_capabilities_in_mailman-_priya_kuber)
4. Documentation of Mailocate package (http://systers.org/systers-dev/doku.php/doumentation-priya)
Contact Info

Name:Dushyant Bansal (irc nick: dushyant)
e-mail 1:cs5070214@cse.iitd.ac.in
e-mail 2: dushyant37@gmail.com

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