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May 23, 2011

Today was the first day of official GSOC coding period. I’ll try to write a small blog post everyday. For all my future posts, I will use these terms:

archive-ui -> Yian’s work on archive-ui as part of last year’s GSOC on mailman 2.1

pipermail-> Pipermail on mailman 3

Previous Status: I’ve already setup Pipermail UI. I have gained a basic idea of how things are done in pipermail implementation. I have also started reading archive-ui source code.

Today: Earlier, I thought of installing mailman 2.1 and integrating archive-ui with it. But it was not clear how to go about it and also, it seemed to be a time consuming task. So, I decided to leave it atleast for now.

In order to understand archive-ui’s implementation, I basically followed:

  • GSOC demo of Yian’s work
  • Source code

These two resources were enough for the purpose. At the end of the day, things are much more clearer. Now, I understand the execution flow of pipermail and archive-ui and the differences between them. Most important, the notions of ‘conversation’ in archive-ui and ‘generating static htmls’ are clear. So, I hope to quickly get started with writing code to bring archive-ui functionality to mm3.

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