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May 24, 2011

I started merging archive-ui code with pipermail. Basically, created the new class HyperHyperArchive and added additional fields to Article Class. The good part is that both archive-ui and pipermail use similar way(mbox file) to insert a message into Archives.

  • archive-ui: Uses a script bin/arch to open the mbox file(which it takes as input), opens it and call these: archiver.processUnixMailbox(fp, start, end)
  • pipermail: archiving/pipermail.py create a temporary mbox file, add message to it and call   archiver.processUnixMailbox(fp, start, end)

After finishing the merging of the code, I make a call to archiver.processArchives(mbox=True) when archive_message() is called (archive_message() is the function that has to do all the work, and is described by archiver API in mm3).  I see a bunch of new files (conversation.html), directory (‘all’). But, they are all broken. So, it will require some more time (debugging + perfect understanding of archive-ui) to finish.

Also, I noticed that I haven’t gone through the database part of archivers. I’ll try to read it too.

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