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May 26, 2011

[Written on May 27]

  •  Archive-ui was written on top of systers’ implementation of mailman, which supports some extra mailman extensions e.g. DList and conversations view also shows email address corresponding to the conversation. But Dlist has not been ported to mm3. So, I got confused but later realised that conversation view can be shown without DList feature. Overall, it took some time to search mailman and systers archives to learn more about DList and its current status.
  • Progressed a little more in modifying archive-ui code for mm3. It turned out I needed very minor changes to make account for the changed MailingList structure(from mm2.1 to mm3). It will be a good idea to understand what major changes have been done in mailman while going from mm2.1 to mm3.
  • Currently, working on substitution of templates to generate static htmls. mm2.1 and mm3 have different ways to substitute values inside templates from a dictionary.
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