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May 31 – June 1, 2011

  • Thought about lots of issues about archive-ui and discussed them on mailing list.
  1. Arranging conversations by months: In pipermail, all the static htmls generated for each message(that goes into archives) are arranged in directories corresponding to different months.
    Whereas in archive-ui, all the conversations are stored in a single directory. The reason is that since a conversation can span across months, it is somewhat ambiguous where to keep that conversation.Conclusion:

    1. No advantage of arranging messages on a monthly basis.
    2. Implement  “searching for messages by period” functionality. This was not implemented in archive-ui but a use case and solution was developed.
  2. Readable urls:URL corresponding to a conversation can be created from subject of the first message of a conversation (in the same way as various blog sites do).Conclusion:
    1. Some part of it is already implemented in archive-ui. I’ll leave it for now.
  3. in archive-ui, when a message is archived, all the conversations are generated again. Ideally, we should do minimum amount of work on archiving a message.Conclusion:
    1. No decision on this. Will try to discuss about it more.

mailocate -> Work by Priya to implement search capabilities in mailman.

  • Wrote the basic function for “search by date” functionality. Checked out the code of “mailocate”. The interface for “search by date” will also be implemented in mailocate.
  • Updated some more templates of pipermail to match archive-ui.
  • Handling Top/Bottom Posting
    By default, the quoted text can either be all hidden or all displayed. It might also be good to only hide the quoted text when it is at the end of the message, as when it is in the middle, the user is likely to want to see it for context.Started working to test this on mm3 and also, to account for one more test case:
    ->On mailing lists, people generally use ‘inline posting’ to reply. One level of inline posting is helpful to see the context, but if it goes beyond one level then, it might be a good idea to hide the old quoted text
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