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June 12-15, 2011

Dynamic Pages:

Started with mod_wsgi, with my own wsgi application. Looked at a nice tutorial for developing wsgi app by paste( framework for developing web framework,)

  • Inside mailman source code: REST server using wsgiref and application using restish
  • Still confused over whether to use framework:
  • It will be very helpful to use framework. Basically, we need to show these three types of pages:
    1. Conversation list or thread — by pages or by months
    2. View a conversation
    3. Everything related to search:-> mailocate + search by period
  • Framework requirements:
    • Require without ORM as we can use Storm
    • If mailman uses some framework already(restish or django by benste), then use that.
    • Lightweight
    • Choices: Django and web2py.

Static Html pages:

I am trying to finish all the code related to static page generation.

  • Downloaded some .mbox file and tested archive_message() on message retrieved from that.
  • As I had changed the code of pipermail to minimize the work done when adding a new message to archives. It turns out that specific case of archiving a full mbox file needs to be taken care of. Implemented that. Tested on some small mbox files.
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