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New approach: Dynamic page generation

Static HTML:


  • The main task left is to integrate work done by Andrew (converting Pipermail to use Storm/SQLite instead of pickles).
  • Other tasks include completion of some unfinished work (I’ll have to discuss these issues with mentors first), changes in UI, testing/debugging. For some time, my main priority would be to complete dynamic generation of pages.

Dynamic pages:

  • Decided to use pylons framework. Pylons is completely new to me (though I am familiar with django).
  • Our requirement of using Storm ORM alone dictated this decision.
    Andrew is working on converting Pipermail to use Storm/SQLite instead of pickles to save data. So, the framework needs to have support for Storm ORM. Django has its own ORM and Storm cannot be used with it natively (Though storm is said to have support for django, I could not find anything further to try/test Storm with Django).
    Pylons doesn’t provide any ORM and I have tested a small application using Storm.

  • Implemented a simple page using Storm to get started with pylons and test Storm integration.
  • Started writing code to view conversations index.
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