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ArchiverUI: Using Pylons with Storm ORM

Storm Objects:

We basically need two tables 1) Article  2) Conversation. As Andrew had already figured out the StormArticle object, I added the conversation object as well:

class Conversation(object):
__storm_table__ = “conversation”
con_id = Unicode(primary = True) #or, thread_addr
msgids = List() # List of msg ids which are part of this conversation

But I have been unable to use this List property with sqlite. Also, I realised that we should keep some more information with conversation object inorder to avoid multiple queries to build conversation list page.

So, I just went ahead and assumed these article and conversation objects in order to get started with pylons.

class StormArticle(object):
“”” Class to represent an Article in a sqlite database rather than using pickles. “””
__storm_table__ = “article”
archive = Unicode()
sequence = Unicode()
subject = Unicode()
datestr = Unicode()
date = Float()
#    headers = List()
author = Unicode()
email = Unicode()
msgid = Unicode(primary=True)
in_reply_to = Unicode()
#    references = List()
body = Unicode()
thread_addr = Unicode()
#    conversation = Reference(thread_addr, Conversation.thread_addr)

class Conversation(object):
“””Conversation class for sqlite database”””
__storm_table__ = “conversation”
thread_addr = Unicode(primary = True)
subject = Unicode()
datestr = Unicode()
articles = ReferenceSet(thread_addr, StormArticle.thread_addr)

Sqlite Database:

After finalizing (sort of) the schema of the tables, I needed some sample database to fill those tables. So, I added support (to existing pipermail) to create and fill sqlite database from mbox files (only for article table). This way, I got the db file which I needed to develop archiverUI with Pylons

Pylons + Storm:

Developed the very basic framework to generate conversation list and conversation page. Tested only for conversation page. LOTS of things to do. Code can be found at: http://code.launchpad.net/~dushyant37/+junk/ArchiverUI

Right now, there is not interaction with mailman/pipermail; all it requires is just a sqlite file.


While parsing article body from mbox file to store it in database, I got stuck with lots of UnicodeErrors. Its sort of solved now but all the concepts related to unicode and i18n needs to be cleared up.


  • Finalize the storm object representation of conversation and article depending on ability to use List with sqlite
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