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Integrating Search

I have added support for searching in archiverUI. Most of the logic/code that was written by Priya as part of last year’s GSOC has been reused with some changes.

  • Indexing: For the first time, indexing is done for all the messages stored in sqlite database file. After that, every time index_archives() is called, only new messages (that are added after the last call to index_archives() ) are indexed.
  • Index Schema:
    fields.Schema ( msgid=fields.ID(stored=True, unique=True),
    Here, we only need to store msgid (stored = True) as we can query the database with msgid to get other parameters. But this may result in additional overhead to query database in order to show metadata of results of searching. For now lets leave it in this state, if it turns out to be the reason of poor performance then I’ll store author, subject and body as well.

Unit Test:

As Barry had suggested, I have started looking at writing tests and documentation. I have been following this excellent guide for testing and documentation for pylons.

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