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Getting back to windows 7 from ubuntu 12.04 – The good, the bad and, the ugly.

 I just started working as a developer in a windows phone dev. team. The first consequence of this is getting back to windows. After spending nearly four years on ubuntu without dual booting windows, I had to shift back to Windows 7 as my primary OS. Its been more than two weeks, so I can share my experiences and observations so far:

The Good:
  • Better application support
    Starting from note taking application Evernote to backup and folder syncronization applications such as google drive and windows skydrive, their presence on windows is definitely a positive thing. Even though I primarily use command line for git, the client provided by github covers some basic actions.
  • Folder/Files search
    I am impressed with the default search provided by windows through GUI.
  • Better battery life
    Ubuntu sucks the battery out of my thinkpad. Even with applications like Powertop to extend battery life, windows win on this point.
  • A little better wifi support
    I don’t have any complaints with the wifi support on newer Ubuntu versions but some wifi activities such as detecting new network and reconnecting work more seamlessly on windows
The Bad:
  • HUD
    Lots of people using ubuntu have not shifted to unity, but I am a huge fan of unity and with the heads up display support, I never need to lift my hands off keyboard to click on any menu item..
  • Multi pane in files explorer
    It is interesting to see that a tiny feature provided by nautilus of opening extra pane (shortcut: F3) can make your life so much easier. I wish somebody writes that for windows too.
And, the Ugly
  • Command line aka Terminal
    Even after trying hard to avoid command line on windows to do anything, every now and then I find myself on command line (either for using some advanced feature of git or some other thing). And then, I couldn’t do anything except wondering why microsoft can not atleast attempt to provide better command line support (Powershell is equally bad)
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