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From amateur to professional

Over the last couple of months, I have been reading a lot about making myself more productive. I do lots of readings, collect all the points and promise myself to follow all of them. Quite often, either I forget to keep these points in mind or even if I remember, its just too much work to act on them.

I came across this blog titled the difference between professionals and amateurs  during one of my random explorations. The idea described in this immediately struck a chord with me and I realized I had experienced the same thing. I started gymming 5 months back. I was too skinny and was fed up with my sedentary lifestyle. I don’t know which of these motivated me more to join at that time. Afterwards, every day I had to struggle to make up my mind to go and very little progress also didn’t do much help in that. But I kept going, never missed a single day except for unavoidable circumstances. And that made all the difference. Every day that I showed up at the gym even when I didn’t feel like working out, I never regretted that decision. After two months even my body showed signs of progress. There was no reason to quit. These days, after 5 months, it has become much easier to keep this habit. So, that worked out okay for me.

Why not try this to become pro in other fields. I have always wanted to become good at writing. I usually read a lot but that is not consistent. I started writing blog a couple of times before but procastination won every single time. The problem was I tried writing whenever I “felt like”. This time I am trying to do this the “gym way”.

I’ll start with target of writing 4 blogs per week (2 on weekdays, 2 on weekend). I’ll not be too hard on myself and will write about anything from programming post to any abstract idea/opinion. Time to get started.  You don’t have to be too smart to excel at something.
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