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Finding topic to write about

I couldn’t find a topic to blog about, therefore writing a blog on “finding topic to write about” seems about perfect. Irony, yeah, tell me.

I decided to write 4 blogs per week to be more involved in writing. Even if I force myself to write atleast one hour daily to meet this target, it turns out, finding something to write about has been the major reason to miss this writing target. Its not that I didn’t anticipate this. I had decided I’d try to write more about general things and my opinion, and I’d write about technical stuff whenever I run short on writing topic. How hard it could be to come up with a technical thing to write, right? 
Writing about technical stuff is easy and when you do programming for living, it shouldn’t be hard to write about any problem that you faced or your opinion on a particular design/coding practice. But there are two issues that makes me having second thought about it.
Very short post
The easiest to write technical posts have the structure of problem and solution. I’d write about some problem (that I faced) and a solution that I either found by myself or through SO. Usually, both these components can be finished in a couple of sentences. It doesn’t feel good to write about this.
The other problem is I end up spending less time on writing and more time on inserting code snippets, adding screen shots, and other formatting tasks. This is made worse by wordpress and my current theme. The  published post always look different from the view that I get in  WYSWYG (what you see is what you get) editor.
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