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Productivity hack – Read web posts on kindle

Kindle is an absolute delight for reading books. But like most people, I too spend lots of time reading posts on web. It turns out you can use kindle for that purpose too. You can send any post that you are reading in a browser to your kindle and read it at your own convenience. The best thing is, similar to ‘evernote clearly‘, only content gets converted and formatting is pretty neat. The other best thing is everything is done Over The Air.

There are two extensions for that, send to kindle by amazon and Readability. Both are available for chrome and firefox. I tend to prefer the official one ‘send to kindle’ but both works great.

This is how it works:

1. Install the extension and configure it with amazon account
2. For any web page click on extension -> send to kindle
3. The article will appear on your kindle whenever it has internet connectivity.
The obvious advantage is you get to read more stuff on the device you have bought mainly for reading. But there is one less obvious advantage.
I don’t know about others but more than often, I’d found myself reading some unrelated post on web in the middle of doing some work. I have no idea how I got there. I opened my browser to search about some stuff and one link lead to another and I end up reading some stuff on web thus, distracting away from work. The reason is whenever we see some interesting link/page, we just start reading it as we fear we might lose it. Even if we don’t read it, we keep the tab open.
This ‘send to kindle’ approach comes very handy for these situations. Find any interesting web page, just send it to your kindle. This also results in adopting the practice of ‘reading offline’. If you are reading offline (on a kindle), there is no chance you’d wander off by clicking some other interesting link in-between.
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