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Thoughts on Medium

July 6, 2013 Leave a comment

A couple of weeks back I came to know about Medium, yet another blogging site. First question – why would anybody use it when people have blogger, wordpress, tumblr etc. Infact, the question can be reframed as why would somebody build another blogging site. Ev willian created Medium so, there has to be something that Medium is offering which can be a game changer.

After reading lots of posts on medium and getting compelled to start writing on medium, here are my 2 cents (literally!)


You just focus on writing and your published post looks as beautiful as it can get. You could argue that even on wordpress or blogger you can customize your themes and make posts look good. But that doesn’t solve the issue. First, lots of people just stick to default theme/style provided to them and second, even if they go out to choose the best theme, large number of options available to them doesn’t help either. They get lost in “paradox of choice” and end up choosing some shitty theme.
The end result is that out of 5 posts that you read on wordpress, 4 will not look that good whereas all 5 will look beautiful on medium. This gives a user enough reason to write on medium.


I don’t think any of the other blogging platform focus on finding and suggesting relevant content for readers. Medium does this through collections and embeds suggestions on every page for what to read next. As the content on medium is going to increase with time, quality of relevant content will be the key. The success in making users read more relevant content will also get views for creators. And why wouldn’t a blogging site succeed if its a heaven for writers. So, I think this can be huge.
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